FESTIVAIS: Freedom Festival - Back To The Roots

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FESTIVAIS: Freedom Festival - Back To The Roots

Horário: 10 Agosto 2011 a 15 Agosto 2011
Local: Herdade do Monte da Chaminé
Cidade: Elvas
Site ou Mapa: http://freedom-festival.eu/in…
Telefone: 91 786 28 45 / 91 108 14 79
Tipo de evento: festivais, música, noite
Sugerido por: Inês M.C
Última actividade: 30. Jun, 2011

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:: O Conceito ::

Freedom Festival was born in the summer of 2005 in an amazing site in Portugal, fruit of a collective dream and efforts of a few friends that gathered in Goa ...due to its success the project grew and started to happen each two years, and now here we are inviting you all once again to the fourth edition in 2011.

The times are changing and all of us can feel it in the air, with the growth of the scene also a lot of values have changed, it is a natural process but it is also in our hands that those changes are for the better.

We are united with all the international Festival organizations, and all of the Dj´s promoters of those main events were invited to participate in our Festival because after all, we are nothing but a big family, and as long as this spirit of cooperation exists the better thing´s will flow for all. This synergic force is making mankind progress instead of regress.

Our motto will be BACK 2 THE ROOTS, and that´s exactly the vibration we want to create, sometimes we need to give some steps back to project a better future. Goa spirit is alive and stronger than ever!!! And we will dedicate our Festival to all those who dedicated their lives to the psychedelic culture.

We will present many mythical psychedelic trance music and visuals projects that remain in all our memories and harts. Surprises will bring tears of joy to veterans and enchantment to rookies...

The Mayan architecture and astronomy will be our inspiration to create this edition. We are elaborating an intense research with our artist´s crew and engineers to recreate a Maya city and of course the temple will be our dance floor, soon we will show the 3D project in our web site.

This edition will be the most psychedelic musically. There will be performances and visual effects at the responsibility of Imix Jaguar and many other amazing artists.

Our sustainability program for the project is not only about ecological measures witch will be taken to reduce the footprint, it is also about reducing the price for the ticket and shops fees using the most funds we can from the system to make it possible for everyone to participate in a affordable way.

Our world is facing hard financial and social times, our planet is already sending messages for those who are aware, but have no fear it is all in the ancient writings...

The beginning of a new era is near, and it is up to each one of us to choose the path of truth, love and light, so come and celebrate life with us trough the ritual of dance ...



- Abertura de portas:

10 de Agosto às 13h

- Abertura da Pista de dança:

15 de Agosto às 20h

- Fecho da Pista de dança:

15 de Agosto às 23h45

- Início do "After-Party":

16 de Agosto à 00h01


Idade Mínima de acesso: 16 anos



- Pré-venda (até 15 de Julho): 85 Euros

- No local: 110 Euros (Passe todos os dias)

- Passe 3 dias (13 de Agosto às 18h até ao fim do Festival): 75 Euros

- Passe só para o "After-Party": 25 Euros





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