The Oporto Camp is for all people; Youngsters, Adults, beginners wanting to learn and intermediate surfers/ kitesurfers and sport people wanting to gain new skills and improve their techniques as a sport, culture and lifestyle.

Oporto Camp is a multicultural place, where people from all over the world can enjoy the Surf, make new friends and exchange experiences in a very chilled out and informal ambience.

After breakfast, its time to pack the equipment on the van and start our way to the beach, checking the best spot. Once we arrive at the beach, just grab your surfboard and lets go to the surf spot.

After dinner we can go  to town, bars on the beach, or just walk around seeing how cool Oporto is!

All surf instructors responsible for the surf lessons and colaborating with the school are credentiate by the Portuguese Federation of Surf.

Come and enjoy the waves, food, meet new friends, relax, party, see new things and much more.

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