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Studio Bongard

Studio Bongard is located 200 metres before entering the fishing village of Ferragudo, Algarve, Portugal. This is our place where we create, feeling the atmosphere is natural, calm and colourful. All visitors are welcome to visit our studio / gallery and enjoy our finished work on display, also to realize what inspires us and how we communicate that in our pieces. An enjoyable blend of exotic and rustic this place creates a refuge from noisy modern life. You can wonder through cool patios, filled with plants and floodlit ponds as well as an interior fish pool and a tropical glass house with its waterfall.

In 1987 Sylvain Bongard made the decision to dedicate full-time to creating tile panels of his invention and also on commission basis for display in public and private collection in Portugal and abroad.

Since 1998 Sylvain Bongard has been working from  Studio Bongard in Ferragudo creating tile panels to order combining his unique style with a traditional art.  Also more recently creating complementary large scale collections in stoneware .Tara Esaguy Cohen joined him in the studio in 2008 bringing her unique drawings and taking up her old passion for clay molding too. There latest focus has been to create sculptures that carry the same character and humor but in a transportable and affordable size.

These pieces can be seen at their gallery and also in selected stores throughout Portugal, bringing a refreshing touch to the Portuguese souvenir and gift market.

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