You know how it is. You are eating something,  you are falling in love with it and you have to tell the whole wide world about it.

Well, that is what I am doing right now. A few minutes ago I ate a Pão de Deus. Bread from God! Made in one of the finest bakeries of Lisbon. I still got the taste in my mouth. Honestly, I have this taste in my mouth all day long, because I cannot have enough of it and the rest of the family will be angry at me tonight because all will be gone. But that is the risk of testing food so you can share the experience.

Pão de Deus is a brioche like sweet bread and a typical Portuguese treat. For breakfast or as a snack during the day, one of the tasty ways to enjoy the bread with coconut topping is cutting it in half and placing cooked ham and a slice of cheese in the middle. Another way, and that is my secret: Spreading some Nutella on it and forget about the worries of the day. So, now my secret is out.......

Pão de Deus with Nutella, that´s what I call Presente de Deus, a Gift from God.

A Padaria Portuguesa at Rua do 4 de Infantaria 30 in Lisbon is the Bakery of my choice. Not only producing one of the finest sweet breads, but also offering a great and tasteful variety of breads, rolls and pastries. (Try the rolls with olives or parmesan!) Offering tables in and outside, one can have a coffee while tasting the bakeries products.

You will find “A Padaria Portuguesa” in the district of Campo de Ourique, away from all the touristy places. It is truly a local treat.

Visit their facebook fanpage ! Or better, take a trip to Lisboa, it is well worth it, not only for the food.......

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